Sunday, March 11, 2012

Elsie: week 3

I can not believe my baby girl is 3 weeks old... Where has the time gone??? (I am sure I will say this every week)
This week Elsie has started to look more and more like a baby, not just a newborn. She is getting chubby cheeks (all that milk she drinks!), and her newborn diapers are slowly but surely becoming too small. Her 0-3 month clothes still swallow her whole, but she is definitely growing. The big news for this week is that E's belly button finally came off! Trammel and I were very excited, because lets be honest.... They are kinda gross! I also had to cut Elsie's nails for the first time this week.

During our photo shoot this week, I tried to put a bow on E's head. Big. Mistake. She apparently has no interest in bows and definitely let me know pretty quickly. I guess we will try again next week because there is nothing cuter than a baby girl in a big bow!

Elsie- mommy and daddy love you very much! We went on our first family outing to the park today. You and Tucker had a great time. You also got to stay alone with daddy for the first time today. He did such a great job taking care of you! We can't wait to see what this next week will bring!

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