Friday, March 23, 2012

Elsie: week 5

I am super bummed this week! My stickers now go from month to month! :( so sad... Don't fret, I still have pictures. Just not the cute ones with the week/ month on them.

My sweet Elsie girl is 5 weeks! Unbelievable! Her little personality is coming out, and I couldn't be more thrilled. She has some spunk which I love! She screams at me when I break to burp her. She screams at me when I try to rock her. She screams at me when I try to ease her sorrows with her paci. She just wants to do her own thing, and she only wants to do it on her terms. Perfectly acceptable and expected considering who her parents are. I know I said she screams a lot, but those are little screams just to let me know she is unhappy and then she stops. Elsie is actually a GREAT baby! I am blessed (and hope I'm not jinxing myself). She sleeps like a rock from 8pm-9am only waking to eat. During the day she takes cat naps all day. She is still eating 4 oz every feeding and seems to be happy with it. She has started to spit up a little. Which is so sad. I hate seeing her be uncomfortable, but I also hate seeing all my hard work (pumping) go to waste! :) Little E laid on her playmat for a little while this week, but she is still a little over whelmed with it all. She still prefers to lay on me and look at me and stick out her tongue. Such a stinker.

Not sure how much she weighs this week, but she is officially in size 1 diapers! I am extremely sad about it. Her newborn clothes are only hanging on by a thread. I am excited because she has some cute 0-3 month clothes, but I don't want her to get big! Here are some pics from this week. Remember when I said she sleeps with one eye open? I finally took a picture. Check it out below. She sleeps like this all the time. Always wanting to make sure I'm not doing something she wouldn't approve of! Love her...

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