Sunday, May 13, 2012

Elsie: week 12....WEEK 12!!!!!

She is not quite 3 months till the 17th of this month, but she is 12 whole weeks! She has gotten so big, and so independent! I love her to the bones. She has started laughing in her sleep... Laughing! It is the funniest thing, because she doesn't laugh during the day. She will try, but it doesn't quite come out, but when she isn't trying, and completely asleep, she laughs! What do these youngens' dream about?

I also think Elsie is going through a growth spurt. She was sleeping great for awhile, but this week she started waking up around 4 every night. She even woke up at 2 (!) once. She will eat and go back to sleep. I think she was just extra hungry. She is back to eating mostly 4 ounces per bottle. Sometimes 5, sometimes 1. But mostly 4. My big girl also held her own bottle this week. When I was about to feed her, she just grabbed it and stuck it in her mouth... Just like she does those hands. She couldn't really hold it for very long, and her arms would fall down therefor pulling out the bottle, but she rocked it for a little while! You go Elsie!

We went to the park this week, and E took her first slide ride. She didn't flinch. No smile, no cry.... Not sure what she thought! We also bought her a jumperoo this week. She is still a little short for it (she can't reach the toys or the floor), but she loves the music and the lights. We put a box underneath it so she could jump. She loves that too. Especially when she jumps and the lights come on. I love watching her learn. She is such an amazing, beautiful, intriguing little girl. Our hearts belong to her.

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