Monday, May 14, 2012

On being a mother

I know everyone says it, but you don't really listen. Being a mom is TOUGH! It isn't sugar and spice and everything nice. Let's be real.. It is one of the hardest, most challenging things a woman will do. BUT it truly is worth it. It is amazing. It is an emotion that I have NEVER felt before. If anyone has seen the most recent Johnson's baby commercial it will give you a glimpse of how we HOPE our babies feel about us. I could never love anything more than this child. But it's hard. That's why there's Mother's day. I personally think we deserve more than a day, but us moms take what we can get: an hour of sleep here, 45 minutes there, three bites of a sandwich (victory), a 5 minute shower, one free hand for folding clothes, and one day a year. Works for me!

I told my mom that I appreciate her so much more now! There are so many things that you try and prepare yourself for, but you are never truly ready. The hard part is you pretty much do it alone. Even if you have the most amazing husband (which I do), if you are breast feeding, you pretty much do it alone. Your the only one that can satisfy her needs. It's exhausting. It's incredible. Both at once. If you are reading this, and you are a mom, you know exactly what I mean. If you are not a mom, you WANT to be! I promise. I would never encourage anyone to have kids before they are "ready" (whatever that means), but I would tell anyone thinking about it that it will change your life in a way that you never knew it could and that you'll never be "ready" for. On this Mother's Day I thanked Him for trusting me with His gift. He choose me...ME.... To raise this baby girl. I will give it all I've got to make sure I don't disappoint Him.... Or her!

Thanks to my mom for raising me to be a woman that God would trust with this angel! Happy Mother's Day!

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