Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Buying a house is suppose to be fun! Why is it that all I feel is frustrated. I know why, but there isn't a lot I can do about it.

Trammel and I made the decision to start looking for a house. Our lease is up at the end of July and we decided not to resign our lease. That was the beginning of May. Here we are 2 offers in (on the same house), one month left in our apartment, and no house! I am beyond frustrated and sad. If we don't find a house we are moving in with Trammel's parents. We are so thankful that they are there for us, and willing to help us because without that to fall back on, we would be living on the streets. However, who wants to live with their parents? I have my own little family now. We are so happy and content. Trammel and I have a routine with Elsie. It is hard, but isn't it supposed to be? If we always had someone there to do the work for us, would we really experience everything that this little girl has to offer? I want to continue our happy life with just the four (can't forget Tucker!) of us! I must reiterate how thankful I am to have such great in laws that want to help! They actually WANT to help! You rarely find that! We are lucky! We just want life to continue as normal. OUR little Hoehn family. We want our own house for our little girl. We want to be able to bring her home every night to a room of her own that she feels comfortable in. I don't want to live out of boxes. Hell, I don't want to live in one either! We are thankful, blessed, and frustrated. That's all.

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