Friday, May 7, 2010


Well, this is my year of firsts. I am in my FIST year of teaching and it has been quite an interesting journey. I also got married five months ago to the love of my life, another first (thank goodness). It was such a wonderful day with our friends and family by our side. It didn't hurt that we got to go (on my first trip) to Hawaii either. Now, here I am with my FIRST blog post. Who would have thought that blogging would become such a world wide phenomenon? It boggles my mind that people are FAMOUS for this!! When I think about my parents, I wonder how they ever survived with out the world wide web, but sometimes I think they wonder the same thing. My dad got an Iphone last year and he hasn't put it down since. We can't go a couple minutes during a conversation with out my dad saying "Let me look that up.." or "You wouldn't believe this new app..." I don't even think he knows what the word app stands for, but he sure is cool with his new "technologically advanced cellular device." Maybe one day I can get him to start blogging, but that will take at least another 5 years. That is his lag time on technology. Here I go...into the world of bloggers.

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