Monday, May 10, 2010


Sometimes in life you make a split second decision and realize that it might have been a tad inappropriate. Well, i just made one of those decisions. I just put a post on my blog titled "Moments like this..." (it has already been removed). The post was about something that happened to me in school today. It was so funny that myself and many other teachers were crying, we were laughing so hard. I went into our library during my planning time and was chatting with several other teachers and the librarian, Kelly. She was pulling old books off of the shelf, making room for new ones. Suddenly, she is dieing laughing and we all run over to see what she was laughing at. She had pulled off a picture book with a very unusual title and heading. Originally, i posted a picture of this book, but unfortunately, it was pretty inappropriate and my parents have access to this blog...along with many others. I instantly regretted the post, but I REALLY wish you all could see this book. Because it isn't something I want to post on my blog, email me if you are interested and i will send you the picture. The one thing i stick by from my original post was the title. "Moments like this" remind me how fortunate I am to be in a job where i can laugh out loud everyday!

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