Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth!

What a wonderful summer....I guess I will start with my family vacation to Orlando, FL. I was very pleased when my whole family had decided to take a trip together this summer. I was even more excited that we were going to go to Orlando. As most of you know, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I have read all of the books twice and own all the movies so far. When i heard about the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, I think that i was more excited than anyone.
I remember talking about it with my kids and we would get excited about the same things (I believe that was when i realized just how pathetic I am). When we planned this trip I only had one request, and it was that we went when the park was open. I wanted to be able to fulfill my dream of riding on a broom and waving my wand and saying stupify to Draco Malfoy. We heard a date, we booked the trip, and I was PUMPED! I was going to get to live the life of Hermoine Granger for a day. Wrong! They moved the date back and there i Orlando, with my ticket to the park, and no park. I was bummed, but I WILL go to the park one day. I WILL get to go to Ollivander's wand shop and by golly, the wand will PICK ME! :)

I got the bad news out of the way, but there was a lot of good times. It was the first time since I was a very small child that we have done a family vacation will ALL three sisters in attendance. It was wonderful to get to experience this very special place together. We have all been to Orlando and to the Magic Kingdom, but together, the experience meant so much more! Here are some pictures of the trip....The whole time we were there we only got one group photo and it was at the Magic Kingdom. I unfortunately havent gotten a copy of that one yet. Here is the best thing we have to a group photo. This was at the character breakfast. We are missing a few people. My husband, Trammel, My brother in law, Brad, and my nephew Jake. The men decided to sit this one out....all except for Josh. He enjoys hanging out with such beautiful women!Yup....that is a monkey in a tree on my head! I love balloon animals! :)

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