Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I have only been to a few Titans games since I have lived in Nashville, but this one definitely takes the cake. The Taaffe's (family friends of The Hoehn's) gave us tickets to the Titans v. Jaguars game, but they weren't just any tickets. They were club tickets with field passes. It was GREAT! We were so excited the night before the game. We knew it was going to be cold, but we thought we could just bundle up and be fine. What we didn't know was that it was going to be FREEZING and SNOWING! It snowed the entire game and the wind was bone chilling. However, It was such a fun experience. We stood two feet from Johnson, Finnegan, and Moss. I even got to give high fives to one of the Titans (not sure who). Here are a few pictures of the OH so cold game.

Cortland Finnegan catching a practice catch.
Me standing right behind Chris Johnson.

Me and Trammel on the field before the game. It was pretty cool getting to see all of the players warm up.

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