Thursday, July 28, 2011

S is for School

Well, another summer is coming to an end. I hate to see it go, but I am excited about the upcoming year. Usually around this time I start visiting teacher supply stores, and coming up with great ideas that I can't wait to use in the classroom. I always promise to be a better teacher this year, then in previous years (and if i must say so myself, I haven't broken that promise!). As a teacher, you get better every year because you learn what works for you. I don't make the same mistakes from previous years, but there always seems to be new mistakes that creep up here and there. I am excited about the upcoming school year at Hillsboro Elementary (not to be confused with Hillsboro in Green Hills). This year our school has shrunk. I am sad to say that we lost a lot of kids to the terrible "R" word. Yup, REZONING! Most parents nightmare. I on the other hand am happy to have a more quaint environment. I will be teaching with only one other fourth grade teacher, Carey Carter. We work really well together, and I am excited to become the 4th grade POWER team that we hope to be!

On a more exciting note, I went to my classroom yesterday for the first time this summer. It was a MESS! I think it is the goal of the janitors and staff to come into every room, look at where everything is, and then move it all, one piece at a time until you have a completely different room. So, not only did I have to clean out my room (full of spiders! YUCK!), I also have to completely rearrange my room. And of course, I always use this as an excuse to fung shui my room. In my three years, I have yet to have the same set up in my room. I guess it keeps it fun and exciting, but it also keeps me popping the Tylenol and complaining about my back! I will take some pictures of my little jungle room and post them soon! I am off to enjoy my dwindling summer!

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