Monday, May 9, 2011

My five year Nashiversary!

This past weekend was my five year Nashiversary! I can't believe it! So much has changed since I packed my car up in Knoxville and traveled west to Middle Tennessee. It was the end of a chapter (a huge one might I add). The day after I walked across the stage, I was driving down I40 to my new home, my new city, my new JOB! I had been anticipating the move to Nashville for MONTHS! I had the perfect roommate, and we had the perfect apartment. Oh, the memories...

Five years later, and so much has changed. Some highlights of my five years in Nashville:
1. I got to live with amazing women who all influenced my life: Haley, Katie, Angela, and Molly
2. Earned my Masters in Education
3. Got Engaged!! :)
4. Moved to Memphis (I include this in my five years in Nashville, because it was just a nightmare in my Nashville dream) Moved back to Nashville!!
5. Got my first teaching job (fourth grade!)
6. Got married to the love of my life

I left out a LOT of fun memories (trips to Vegas, New Orleans, and MANY weddings). I left out a LOT of people that have influenced my life in the past five years. I may have left out many things, but I would not be the same person if a single thing was different.

So, here's to you Nashville! May the next five years be as wonderful and full of joy as the last five years. To love and laughter and happily ever Nashville! :)

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