Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dresses, Bows, and Hair to Curl....Baby Hoehn is a GIRL!

Tuesday morning, I woke up ready to get a good look at our baby for the first time. We haven't seen our baby since I was 6.5 weeks, when the baby looked like a grain of rice. We were ecstatic to find out if the baby was healthy, and to find out the sex of the baby. Our appointment was at 9:45, but when we got there the waiting room was packed. We didn't get in till 11 o'clock! It was like making a child look at a cupcake for an hour, but not letting them eat it. When we got in, we looked at all the major body parts first. Before the appointment I stopped to get my first Starbucks since I've been pregnant. I thought if I drank a little caffeine, baby would be moving around so we could get a good glimpse between the legs! :) Moving around she was (it is so nice to finally have an appropriate pronoun)! The ultrasound tech was laughing because our baby girl just wouldn't settle down. She was doing full flips in there. She also kept grabbing her toes. It was adorable. One of the greatest things I have ever seen. She was still long enough for us to get a couple of great pictures.

Although I have been very sick (I may have called her the devil more than once while my head was stuffed in the toilet), it was hard not to love her immediately! I go to the doctor this week to make sure everything was normal, but she looked perfect! I am hoping to hear nothing less...

I had to get a picture right after the ultrasound! I sent it to everyone coming to our gender reveal party as a little tease! More to come on the party....

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