Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Hoehn: week 19

The end of week 19 has come and gone! I have been feeling much better. I have the occasional sickness, headaches, aches, and pains, but they are starting to become few and far between. I am getting out a little more, and starting to think about baby A LOT more! At first, it was hard to enjoy being pregnant, because I was constantly sick. Now, all I do it think about the sex of the baby, the nursery, if we need to move, what the best car seat may be, when do you register, how to introduce by fur baby to my new baby, etc.

Work has become just! I use to love going to work. Teaching was/is definitely my calling, but since I have been pregnant I have not wanted to do anything... including teach! is so hard to juggle being pregnant with life! How do women do it?? I am constantly exhausted, and feel that I can not keep up. Everything seems like such a chore: laundry, shopping, cooking, lesson plans, standing, etc. I haven't cooked a home cooked meal in months.... just ask Trammel! Our laundry piles up for weeks before I get around to doing it, and even then I find myself taking the clean clothes out of the dryer and placing them on the guest bed.....never actually putting them away! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!? I hate to use the word lazy, because I am truly not being lazy just to be lazy. I actually do not feel like I can do all of these things while being pregnant! I hope it isn't just me! God bless Trammel's mom! She is my saving grace most weeks! She indulges us with home cooked meals, and someone to come and clean our house every other week. She also came over this weekend while we were out of town and folded all those clothes that I was speaking of earlier.... you know, the clean ones that were on the guest bed? She is simply amazing and I am lucky she is in my life during this time!

On a different note.....we find out the sex of the baby on TUESDAY! That is in 1.5 days! We are so excited, we just keep talking about it! I will make sure to post pictures from our baby reveal party next Sunday! Here are the stats for this week! Enjoy!!

How far along? 19 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? Not sure, I will find out this week. I think around 5 pounds
Maternity clothes? Of course!
Stretch marks? thankfully no!
Sleep? Not a lot, but getting use to it
Best moment of the week? Trammel's mom folding all my clean clothes!
Miss anything? sushi and tailgating
Movement? I felt a few movements here and there, but nothing too strong
Food cravings? nope, well I REALLY wanted apple juice tonight... but tonight was the only night
Anything make you queasy or sick? Lots of things
Have you started to show yet? yes, it has definitely grown in just one week
Gender prediction? girl
Labor signs? nope
Belly button, in or out? in
Wedding rings, on or off? on
Happy or Moody? pretty happy, especially since I feel better
Looking forward to? Finding out the gender on Tuesday!


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