Friday, December 2, 2011

Call me Betty Crocker

After three very long weeks of traveling (two trips to Chicago and a trip home), I decided that this week I needed to buckle down and actually start making breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home. Before pregnancy this wouldn't have been such a big deal, but since I have been pregnant I haven't wanted to touch a pot or a pan (or more realistically a microwave). I was on a steady diet of McDonald's for breakfast, lean cuisine and fruit for lunch, and eating out for dinner. Since I'm pregnant I kept telling myself that this was ok, but there is nothing OK with walking into McDonald's and the lady knowing EXACTLY what you want (egg and cheese biscuit, half unsweet tea and water, and ketchup). It was time for a change.....

I wanted to try some new things, so I used my new favorite website, Pinterest, to find my meals. I looked for a long time at some of the delicious things my friends had pinned, but since I still have extreme aversion to anything tomato based, I was running short on ideas. However, I did find a few things that were worth making!

Monday- I made these beauties for dinner: Crack Potatoes and Cheesy baked chicken. They were both delicious. The crack potatoes are almost too good to be true, but next time I wouldn't put as much ranch mix in. However, this made enough for us to eat on for dinner and two 7x7 foil pans to freeze for later! Yum!

Tuesday and Wednesday- I made a great crock pot soup. It was a chicken and black bean based soup. I don't have a picture, but we ate on this for two nights!

Thursday- I was going to my bible study's Christmas party and decided to bring a desert. I had seen this recipe on pinterest and had to try it. It was so easy, and a HUGE hit. I served with gingerbread cookies, graham crackers, and sliced apples.
Then there was Friday night, and by far, my favorite meal of the week. Trammel's mom makes a wonderful baked BBQ shrimp. I asked her for the recipe and the rest is history! It is sooo simple, but taste like you spent forever making. I served with buttered noodles and a wheat loaf.

If you are interested in any of these recipes, let me know! I would love to share the wealth! You will have your husband (wife, kids, or roommates) singing your praises!

Phewww, that is enough food talk. I promise to blog about my trips to Chicago soon, as well as all my new goodies for the nursery! OH MY GOSH.... I can't wait to share about the nursery! Are you on the edge of your seats yet?!? I am, I am.... I am on the edge of my new, adorable glider, swivel, recliner seat :)

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