Sunday, December 11, 2011

You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important

I am the last person to see this movie. I am convinced of it. When everyone was reading this book, I had just gotten started on Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I didn't have time to start on something else. All of my friends kept telling me that it was the best book, and knowing that I love to read, they kept encouraging me to read it. I didn't. Instead, I continued with GWTDT. I wish I wouldn't have. I didn't love it as much as everyone else. I never did get around to reading The Help. Shame on me....

I did get around to the Redbox last night, and decided that The Help would be a great Sunday afternoon movie. I was right. I started watching the movie and had to keep reminding myself that this actually happened. Not this story particularly, but that this problem actually existed not too long ago. It is hard to imagine that a world like that existed, when we have an African American president today. I caught myself wondering what type of person I would have been in the 50's-60's. I hope to God that I would not have been like these women. God only gives you what you can handle, and I guess that is why I was born in 1984. At the end of the movie, I was bawling! *SPOILER ALERT* This sweet, little, innocent child did not see color. She saw the woman she loved being torn away from her. A woman who had taken care of her, and told her everyday how important she was. Don't we all need somebody to tell us how important we are? I think I am being extra emotional these days (thank you, Baby Hoehn!), but as a mom-to-be I can not wait to tell her how important she is! I can not wait to hold her and tell her that she is kind, smart, and beautiful. I want to raise a confident, but caring young woman. I found myself googling affirmations for young girls (lame right?). This is what happens to your life when it is a Sunday afternoon, you are pregnant, your husband is at work, and you just watched The Help. I found a lot of great things, but I did find this gem! Please see video below.... I hope that one day my little girl will be standing on the sink, saying all the things she likes about herself, while I film!

Enjoy this video, courtesy of YouTube:

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