Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My sweet, perfect baby...

Has disappeared. Maybe I jinxed myself, maybe she was never perfect and I had my mommy goggles on. Maybe...

This week E has been less than perfect. Down right ornery to be specific. Remember when I said she comes by her stubborn-ist honestly? Well, I can't imagine I am this stubborn! :). She has gone from my sweet baby to my cry baby quite literally. She cries. All. The. Time. If she isn't eating or sleeping, she's crying. I am just not sure why. I have tried feeding her more, thinking she might be hungry. NOPE! I have tried napping her more, but the girl fights sleep like she's Ali. I know this is probably her problem, but how do you get a screaming baby to sleep when she just doesn't want to? I have tried (insert every trick in the book here). Nothing works... Or I should say nothing works for long. If, and I do mean IF, I get her to sleep she wakes up in 20 minutes. I can't put her down, she wakes up immediately. Swing? Nope. Bouncy seat? Nope. Carseat? Nope. Car ride? Definite nope! What's a momma to do?? So, I let her cry. I rock her,and tell her I love her, and I let her cry.

I am not completely hating on my baby here. I would like to add that by 9 pm, when it is dark, she sleeps like an angel all night. Only waking to eat, and then falling fast asleep again. Of course this all ends when the sun rises. She must have something against the sun...

Here is a picture of my ornery angel. Oxymoron?

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  1. Oh Savannah! I know exactly what you are going through! Except Brynne was this way from day 1! She cried constantly, and not just cried but screamed. Like she was being stabbed. And I was so frustrated, I did a lot of crying too.

    Have you read the Happiest Baby on the Block? The 5 S's. Swaddle, Side/Stomach, Swing, Shake (bounce) and Sshhh. Try swaddling her (she will hate it, I promise. But it will keep her arms and legs contained so she can pay attention to what you do next), and then hold her in your arms on her side or stomach, swing her from side to side, shake her (bounce her) as you're swinging her, and then finally, Sssshhhh her. And however loud she is crying, that's how loud you ssshh. Really close to her ear. When she was in your womb, it was LOUD. Louder than a vacuum cleaner. So the Ssshh sound soothes her.

    Also, depending on how old she is, she may be going through a growth spurt, which will make her hungrier and fussier.

    Try running a vacuum cleaner when she's crying or a hair dryer. I would sleep with the hair dryer laying on the bed bc it was the only way Brynne would go to sleep. Luckily that didn't last very long bc it drove me crazy! And I bounced her. Still bounce her. We got one of those exercise balls and I put brynne in the moby and bounce her. Calms her right down. Do you have a moby wrap? It helped tremendously! I rely on mine heavily!

    I do know how you feel and I've been there. Brynne is a week and a half away from being 4 months old, and when she hit 3 months, I don't know what happened but we got a new baby. She has been a JOY ever since. The crying has almost disappeared, she smiles constantly, and can just lay and entertain herself instead of having to be held and entertained always. It. Gets. Better!! She'll get through this crying phase and you'll have your perfect angel back : ) I hope this helps you out!