Friday, April 6, 2012

Quick Dry

Since becoming a mommy, I have written about nothing but my sweet baby girl. Today, I came across a great product and I had to share.

Since becoming a mommy I have had little time to myself. I went and got a manicure/ pedicure a couple weeks ago and it was fabulous! However, my nail polish started coming off last week. I wanted a quick solution, but never have time to actually sit down and paint my nails. My mother in law got me this quick dry, nail polish brush. You click the bottom and the paint comes out and as soon as it hits your nails it is almost dry! It is amazing! I am obsessed. I am going to go buy it in more colors. Perfect solution for someone who needs a quick color change on the go. It is made by Sally Hansen. See pictures below. Excuse my nails. I literally painted this on top of my already cracked nail polish.

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