Friday, October 19, 2012

Elsie: week 30

Elsie put us through the ringer this week. She figured out how to pull herself up in her crib. I went and laid her down, and she went to sleep. Before we went to bed, Trammel glanced at the monitor. To our surprise, she was standing up...IN HER NOT LOWERED CRIB. We are talking head all hanging over the edge, standing! This momma about had a heart attack. I rushed in there an scooped her up. We decided she would just sleep with us that night since it was 11 and we were too tired to lower her crib. Seriously.Bad.Idea. She thought it was play time for a solid hour. Then I tossed her (not really) in her pack and play, where she stood and screamed until 1:30. At this point, neither of us had had an ounce of shut eye. So we finally decided to lower her crib, at 1:45 AM!! I was a zombie! However, she did finally go to sleep once she was safe an sound back in her bed. Phew!! What a night?!?

She pretty much stood and cried/screamed every night for 4 days straight. Then the novelty wore off (just like everyone told me it would), and now she is back to going to bed at 6:30. Geez! I'm exhausted all over again just thinking/ writing about it!

Elsie got we first sippy cup this week... She is doing great with it. This is my last weekly post :( tear! But I am just having too hard of a time keeping up. I will start doing monthly post very soon!

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