Saturday, January 14, 2012

I am such a weenie...

At 33 weeks pregnant, I have gotten pretty lucky not to have any back pain.  Well, Thursday morning I woke up and felt like I couldn't walk.  My left side was in so much pain.  It wasn't the dull back pain I have heard about. I am not sure how to describe it, but it makes me limp.  Trammel calls it my old woman walk.  So. True.

Well, Thursday night we got lucky and got some snow in Nashville.  I was so excited when Carol Birdsong called me up on Thursday night with her message, "Hello Williamson County parents and staff, this is Carol Birdsong.  Due to ice patches on the roads, Williamson County will be closed on Friday, January 13th!"  MUSIC TO MY EARS! (I need to do a whole post on my love for Carol Birdsong, I have never met her, but she is seriously one of my favorite people) Anyways, I woke up on Friday morning with the same pain.  It was almost unbearable. I called the hubs at work....

Me: Can I get a massage today?
Trammel: OK
Me: Really?! That's it?
Trammel: Yeah, as long as you stop giving me grief about drinking 5 hour energy
Me: Done!

Yes, Trammel has quite an obsession with these non-FDA approved energy drinks.  I have tried to get him to give them up, but today I would have done just about anything for a little back relief. 

I made an appointment and enjoyed a 90 minute prenatal massage.  It was fabulous.  I just knew that this was going to do the trick.  After 90 minutes, I stood up to get dressed and there it was.  That pain shooting down my left side. Well, crap! The massage was great, but it didn't do the trick. I go to the Dr. on Monday. Hopefully, she won't just tell me what I already know, "You my dear, are a WEENIE!"

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