Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Well, I have successfully missed two weeks of  What I'm Loving Wednesday.  I don't know that I can keep up with this, but I am sure trying.  Here it goes....

First, I am loving that we finally have furniture in our nursery! It is far from being finished, but hey.... it is getting there! Sneak peak picture below...

On that note, I am LOVING that Baby Hoehn may make her appearance sooner rather than later! I can't believe that she might be here in two weeks.... TWO WEEKS! Guess I need to get on that nursery thing....or get someone else on it since I am technically supposed to be taking it easy. 

Last, I am loving my sweet baby boy. You heard me right, my sweet baby BOY! I haven't written much about my fur baby in the last few months because I have been preoccupied with baby girl.  I feel bad about it. I don't want Tucker's life to change, even though I know there is no way around it.  He is my first love, my first born, my best friend, and my pride and joy! People with children think I am crazy. They tell me I will forget about him when she is born. That all of a sudden I will hate his barking, and kissing, and attention seeking behaviors.  I keep saying there is no way... those are the things I love about him.  I will admit, he is SO ANNOYING sometimes, but I am completely aware of that. It just doesn't make me love him any less. My goal is to make sure that his life changes as little as possible.  Friends with dogs and babies... can this happen?

What are you loving this Wednesday?

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