Monday, April 30, 2012

Elsie: week 10

We celebrated 10 weeks by being lazy! Which was so nice! Last week was such a big, crazy, hectic week for Elsie. I just wanted to hang out this week, and hang out we did! Elsie is trying to laugh, but at this point it is just a bunch of air she blows out. She has started realizing when mommy and daddy leave the room. She follows us with her eyes as far as she can. It is so sweet, but I know one day it will break my heart (especially if tears ever get involved).

I also moved Elsie to her crib this week! Big, emotional move...there were lots of tears. Elsie seemed to take to it fine though! :) I was sad to say goodbye to her bassinet! Her newborn days are truly behind us. The first night in the crib was awful. No crying really, just woke up 3-4 times. I think she was trying to get use to the new scenery. The second night was a breeze! I think she loves it.

Elsie is loving Elmo, her paci, diaper changes, ceiling fans and lights, her mirror, driving in the car, eating (finally), all our sesame street books, and the time after her first bottle in the morning. It is the happiest she is all day!

This week I decided to learn how to sew (more on that later). It was a success! Elsie now has one more cute outfit!

Elsie is still in size one diapers and 0-3 month clothes. She is eating around 20-24 oz a day. We go through about 10 diapers on an average day. She is sleeping anywhere from 12-15 hours every 24 hours (this includes night time sleep). She smiles constantly, but cries when she is tired. She loves to take naps in the big bed (mine and trammels bed). Enjoy pictures from E's tenth week of life!

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  1. You putting mascara on your baby? Jk..... Those lashes just made my jaw drop!