Sunday, April 22, 2012

Elsie: week 9

I am going to try and stop saying how sad I am every week that she gets older! Instead, we will celebrate life one week at a time. Elsie is amazing! She is starting to grow out of the fussy stage. She still fusses in the evenings when she gets tired, but for the most part she is pretty great!

I tote Elsie everywhere! Mall, grocery, friends, parties.... You name it. She is my little accessory. I love buying clothes for her... Some would say an obsession! I can't wait for her to wear them all. Elsie has started to use her hands for more than hitting. She is starting to hit her toys with her hands. It is precious. She loves to look at herself in the mirror. I believe she could do it all day. She still doesn't eat very much. She went from eating 4 oz every 3 hours to eating 2ish every 2.5 hours. Not sure what to think about it. She has put herself on a diet apparently. Maybe she can hear people talk about her chunky cheeks. She has also found her thumb. It is such a bad habit, but oh so adorable.

Elsie went on her first car trip this week and got to meet her great papaw. He had a heart attack this week and we drove down to see him. He passed away on April 19th. I'm so glad he met her before he passed. He kept telling the nurses that she looked like her papaw! It was so cute and sweet. Elsie went to Cleveland twice this week. We attended papaws funeral on a beautiful Saturday. It was a military funeral and very special. She also got to meet her great Mamaw Donna what a very special week for her!

Sweet pea got her shots this week and her face turned a shade of red I have never seen before. She screamed for 30 minutes! It was so sad! I was strong though, no tears for mommy.

Stats this week:
11 lbs 2 oz (50%)
22 inches (25%)
2-4 oz per feeding
Sleeping from around 10pm-5am.
First long car ride- slept the whole way!

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