Friday, April 20, 2012

Home is where your heart is

Last Sunday I got the news that my papaw had a heart attack and was in the hospital. He had signed a DNR and didn't want a major surgery. So Monday morning me, Elsie and my sister packed up and drove home to see him. Elsie has never been in the car that long, but she did great. Only having to stop one time to eat and stretch.

My papaw was not doing great and remained in the hospital the three days we were there. Elsie did get to meet her papaw for a few minutes though. Elsie also got to meet Mamaw Donna. My papaw passed away on Thursday, April 19th in his sleep. He will be greatly missed. All prayers are appreciated during this time. We will be driving back to Cleveland this weekend. Because of this, Elsie has had her 2 month well visit postponed twice. We will go to the doctor next week to FINALLY find out what she weighs and get those pesky shots!

The pictures below are of my sweet angel in the car, Elsie with my dad, Elsie with Mamaw Donna, and baby girl with cousin Charley. The family photo was taken at my papaws birthday party last July. This is when we told everyone we were expecting!

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