Saturday, July 21, 2012

Elsie: week 20

This week started off with a bang! Little miss went to the Doctor for her checkup and she had a negative diaper!!! Yay! Thank goodness this diet is finally paying off. It was so great to see that her little belly is healing. She is weighing in at a healthy 13 lbs and 13 oz. She will not go back to the doctor until her 6 month checkup. Let's hope we can keep these diapers clean until then.

I decided to start giving Elsie food last week. I made her a batch of peas and hoped for the best. The first night she was not real sure about the taste, but she kept eating them. The second day was not so great. She remembered what those green things were and she was not going to let me fool her this time. We "tried" peas for 4 nights with not a whole lot of success. Next is avocado and sweet potatoes. Fingers crossed she will like one of them.

Elsie enjoyed her first 4th of July this week! We spent the day in Cottonwood with friends and family. We swam, cooked out, and enjoyed fireworks. Elsie was such a trooper. I thought she would be scared of the fireworks, but she didn't flinch. She just stared in awe! I am going to have to get use to that face, because there are still so many first yet to come.

On another note....WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! Yay! We are finally moving out of this apartment and into a forever home for Elsie! It is an older (fixer upper) home, and we can't wait!

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