Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Elsie: week 21

We had a busy week! This week Elsie flew on a plane, went to the beach, and sat up... ALL FIRSTS for my sweet girl!

My friend, Haley, invited us to her families beach house when Elsie was born. We planned a mommas/babies trip. There were 4 mommas and five babies. Haley's mom, sister, and brother also came. It was such a wonderful week on the beach. We mostly just hung out at the house with the babes. Not a whole lot of beach time, who would have thought getting five babies on the same schedule would have been so hard! Haha!

Elsie did amazing on the plane! Not a peep made the whole time. She ate, and then fell asleep on both flights. What an angel! While we were at the beach, Elsie decided that she could sit up all by herself and that she didn't need her mommas help any more! Tear! Makes me sad, but I was so excited for my big girl. Next week is week 2 at the beach!

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