Monday, July 30, 2012

Elsie: week 22

Last week, Elsie and I went to the beach for a girls trip. This week, Elsie and I traveled (by car) to the beach with the fam. We flew home from Charleston on Friday at 2:30. I cleaned our house (they were showing it while we were gone), then we hopped in the car and drove 8 hours to the Gulf. My oh my, was my baby exhausted! We left Nashville at 6:30. She slept the whole way. We pulled into the townhouse at 2:30 am. I fed Elsie (a treat, since she doesn't eat in the middle of the night anymore), while Trammel put up her pack and play and then we all went to sleep. I can't believe she was so wonderful!

We ha a great time on vacation. We ate a lot of seafood and hung out at Nana's new place. Elsie was pretty exhausted since she had been away from home for a couple of weeks. She didn't last more than a couple hours before she needed a nap. We usually just walked back to the house and rested peacefully in our bed. However, one day Trammel decided he would keep her at the beach with him while I went back and made us lunch. I got back to the house, and not 15 minutes later Trammel was walking in with Elsie passed out in the stroller. He said he was 'voted' off the beach. Apparently, when I left, Elsie was not a happy camper. He said she screamed like he had never heard her scream. He said the people around him offered to watch our things while he took the baby back to mom. Haha! I died laughing! Sometimes a girl just needs her momma!

Elsie got to try avocado for the first time at the beach. She wasn't a fan! End of story. She does, however, still love her oatmeal!!

Elsie also turned 5 months this week! She is still sitting up like a rock star. She is growing up so fast! I love her more than words!

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