Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elsie: week 23

Week 23 is bringing big changes for our little E. We are packing our entire house up and moving into the in laws for a week. This week we packed, and packed, and packed! Everything had to go! We haven't closed on our house yet, so we had to move all of our stuff into the basement of Trammel's parents. We will move it again on the 4th! Crazy!

We tried sweet potatoes and bananas this week! She liked them both, but bananas were her favorite. The more she eats sweet potatoes the less she likes them! Hopefully, I will find a vegetable this girl likes sometime soon! Next are apples and butternut squash.

I had to work 2 days this week. It was just a taste of what is about to happen! I am so dreading it, but I know Elsie will be in good hands. I believe Elsie is officially teething. She is having a hard time sleeping, and swims in her drool most days. Hopefully, one of those bad boys will pop through soon! Munchkin is weighing in at 15 pounds!

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