Sunday, August 26, 2012

Elsie: week 25

It's official, I am a working mom! After almost six months at home, school is back in session which means I am back to teaching! I love my job, but it is hard to describe how I feel. All I can say is my heart isn't in it. My heart is at home...with a nanny...

Speaking of our nanny, she is awesome! Her name is Bailey, and Elsie loves her. It is hard getting us both up and ready, but Bailey comes around 7:30 and helps out tremendously. Elsie's face lights up every time she walks in. It makes leaving a little easier, but I hope she doesn't like her more than me. #realmomfears

This week Elsie got her real, honest to goodness cold. She was so congested and couldn't breath at night. I made her sleep on an incline in our room for the whole week. I was scared to death that she was going to stop breathing. It broke my heart to see her suffering. We gave her Benadryl (per DR. Orders) at night. It really helped. She was sick all week. We maybe got 3-4 hours of sleep each night. Which wouldn't normally be a problem, but now I am a WORKING mom and I couldn't nap when she napped. It was a painful first week back.

On a good note, Elsie has apples this week! She loves them. She basically chomps her little lips together begging for more. What a little chunk. He is also rolling around like crazy. She is never where I leave her. She will be crawling soon, and my whole life will change! She is in size three diapers, and will be 6 months next week!

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